All About the Carrollton Squirrel's Reproduction Habit and Surprising Facts!

Squirrels can be found all over the world. There are separated into different species even though they share the same genus. Their behavior may sometimes be similar but their reproduction habit and gestation will be different. In this article, we will discuss the breeding habit of the various types of squirrels. Hopefully, this will help you understand the best time to evict them from your property.

The Breading Seasons of the Carrollton Squirrel

In case you notice two Texas squirrels that are chasing after each other, they are not just merely playing. It is possible that they are flirting. This is the common behavior of the male when they are pursuing the female squirrel. Let us take a look about the common mating habit of different types of squirrels.

Ground Squirrel

Compared to other types of squirrel, the ground squirrel will only mate once per year. After their hibernation ends in the latter part of the winter, the mating of the ground squirrel will start. This will then proceed for a few weeks. Ground squirrels are not monogamous. It is expected for the males as well as the female species to have a few partners. Their gestation period will last for approximately one month. They can produce an average of 7-8 kittens per year. Sadly, not everyone will reach their maturity.

Red Squirrel

With regards to the red squirrel, their breeding season will last for about 100 days. During that entire mating period, the Texas squirrel will only be fertile for one day. This means that the mating between both genders need to happen immediately. The male species will mate several times with their partner in order to guarantee their breeding. Their gestation period will be more than one month. Compared to the ground squirrel, the average number of litter they produce is only 2 babies per year. Nevertheless, they will have two breeding season per year.

Fox Squirrel

The fox squirrel is unique in a sense that they do not have the fixed mating season. They will reproduce throughout the year. The male fox squirrel will need to compete with the other male squirrels when copulating with the female squirrels. Gestation period will last at approximately 45 days. They will give birth to lesser numbers of baby squirrels every year.

Grey Squirrel

The Texas grey squirrel is one of the most common types of squirrel in North America. After only a year, they will immediately reach their sexual maturity. The younger female will breed roughly once a year. Once they become older, their breeding will increase to twice per year. This will happen during the summer and winter season. 

Squirrels are interesting Carrollton creatures. There have similarities when it comes to their personality and behavior. However, with regards to their mating habit, these species have their unique traits. Hopefully, by learning their habit and their breeding season, you will be able to understand the best date to perform exclusion. You will know the excellent time to call the help of the wildlife removal company. 

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