The Local Texas Laws YOU Should Know Before Trapping Skunks

You may not be excited to know that there is a Carrollton skunk infesting your yard, but you should also be aware that they are protected against unlawful eviction in some states. It pays to be familiar on the local ordinance and laws with regards to trapping and getting rid of the skunk. You need to guarantee that you are executing your removal process within the boundary of the jurisdiction to ensure that you will not have to face any legal repercussions.

The Common Laws You Need to Know When Trapping Skunk

In this article, we will discuss the common regulations and laws that surround the trapping of the Texas skunk. This should only be used as a reference. There is a possibility that the local laws in your community are different. We highly encourage you to confer this matter to the local wildlife agency.

Number of the Traps

Those who are planning to trap the furbearing Texas animals which include the skunk will be assigned with a particular number of traps by the agency. This number will be registered under the right agency. The number will be visibly seen on the trap in a form of a mark. In some cases a tag will be attached on the trap. It will be unlawful for an individual to maintain a trap without any mark of the number assigned by the agency. Before trapping the animal, even if it is within the boundary of your property, there should be a registered number attached on the trap.

Release and Dispatch of the Skunk

Furbearing animals that have been trapped should either be released or killed immediately. When killing the creature, you are not allowed to cause the skunk with an unneeded suffering. The method that you will use to kill the skunk should be within the local ordinances, and you should also carry the necessary safety permit. Euthanasia is not prohibited under the law. Trapped animals should be released on the site or killed at once. Relocation is normally illegal since they will find it hard to adapt on an unfamiliar environment.

Trap Placement and Visitation

When setting the traps for Texas skunk, you are required to visit the trap at least once per day. Any animals inside the traps that you discovered every time you visited should either be released or euthanized immediately. You are not allowed to place a trap within 150 yards of a temporary or permanent residence unless you are the person who is governing the property. Poisons are also not allowed to use under the law. Your neighbor can easily report you as a violator should they discovered that you are using a poison to kill the skunk.

Finally, you are also not allowed to harass the Carrollton skunk. According to the law, the term ‘harass' is defined as a manner of creating an intentional act to disturb or disrupt the general behavior of the animal. Pay attention to these regulations and you can guarantee that you will be able to address your infestation within legal bounds.

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