Best Tips for Keeping Carrollton Raccoons Out of Your Trees

The fruit tree in your Carrollton yard can attract the attention of the raccoon. They are scavengers that have excellent climbing skills that enable them to get their hands on the fruits. The trees have a rough texture that will enable them to gain traction. You need to look for ways on how you can prevent them from climbing the trees to prevent further property damages.

Ways to Keep the Raccoon off the Trees

The Texas raccoons may appear like adorable creatures but they can cause significant damages to our property. They can tear up our vents and roofs, destroy the crops, and spread diseases. They can climb the trees not only to steal the fruits but also to gain an access to the upper section of our houses. Fortunately, there are simple ways to avoid this.

Using Porcupine Wire

You can surround the tree trunk with the porcupine wire. This is a kind of barbed wire that you can purchase on your local Carrollton hardware store. You may also find it at the garden supply or the farm centers. When introducing the porcupine wire, make sure that there will be no passersby that will be scratched by it. It is also not an ideal solution if you have pets and kids in the house. To ensure that the porcupine wire will stay in its place, you may attach them to a galvanized fence.

Cutting the Branches of the Texas Trees

In case your aim is to prevent them from accessing your roof, trimming the branches is a good idea. You need to remove any low lying branches that the adult raccoon can use as a bridge. Once your tree has already been surrounded with a porcupine wire, they can still reach to the branches that are below 36 inches off the ground.  

Using Sheet Metal

If using Texas porcupine wire will not suit your situation, wrapping the bark of the tree with a sheet metal may be the solution that you are looking for. You should start on the part that does not have any pilot holes. You will then use a screw to keep the metal sheet attach on the trunk. You should not be worried about creating holes since this will not be enough to cause damage to the tree. Remember that the possible damage of the raccoon on the tree can be more severe. Using smooth materials to cover the trunk of the tree will prevent the raccoon from gaining traction.

There are instances that you will be able to deter the attack of the Carrollton raccoons on your tree by using funnel-shaped or straight collar. Using the solutions in conjunctions can assure you that the trees will remain inaccessible to the raccoons. Some homeowners are using naptha soaps to deter the raccoon infestation but we cannot guarantee the effectiveness of this repellent. For a better solution, the wildlife professionals may be able to help you. They can look at the underlying cause of the infestation that will completely eliminate your wildlife problem.

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