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Welcome to Pest Animal Removal Carrollton! We are a wildlife removal company servicing Carrollton, TX. We are a service-based company dealing with problems related to wildlife animals in the community. We are not an animal control company who will only set-up the traps and leave. We will make sure that we will be with you every step of the way. We are not your pest exterminator. We are using safe and humane methods that will not expose your life in perils. Over the years, we have gained the support of the local communities. We have been blessed with some fantastic customers who are leaving a few kind words about our service. The way they treat us encourages us to continue providing world-class results. Our company believes in the power of growth. We continue to provide our people with an opportunity to refine their skills and knowledge. We also make it a point to equip them with the latest tools and innovation in the field of wildlife. Safety is also our top priority. We make sure that the homeowners, our technicians, and the animals will remain safe throughout the process. If there are situations when using a lethal method against the animal is inevitable, we will ensure that they will not experience any unnecessary pain or suffering. Call us now at 469-208-9931 for your Carrollton wildlife control needs.

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Carrollton Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: Top Texas Equipment and Tools Needed to Successfully Trap Rats!

Most Carrollton wildlife removal specialists will be using the humane method when dealing with the infestation. Whether they are dealing with someone as docile as opossum or as destructive as a rat, they want to make sure that they are not causing the creature an unnecessary suffering. Poisons, glue boards, and kill traps are not recommended to use since they all have an adverse effect. Using live traps would be a better solution for rat infestation.

List of Equipments You Need to Prepare When Trapping Rats

In this article, we will discuss the different materials and Texas equipments that you need to prepare when trapping rats. Remember that rats are pretty cautious in nature. They will not take your bait unless they have to. To increase the success of capturing them, be sure that you will be equipped with the things we will mention below.

Rat Lures

Currently, there are two types of lures that are sold in the Carrollton market. Both products are available in the form of paste that allows you to easily use them in various types of trap design. One of them comes with a berry flavor that the rat will find irresistible. One tablespoon of the lure would be enough to capture the attention of a nearby rat. Another is made from nuts that will also be enticing in the eye of the rodents. It has that nutritious and sweet scent that will be difficult to ignore. 

Live Traps

Live traps are available in different sizes and mechanism. For instance, there is a trap that comes with a metal trigger. This is probably the most traditional type of live trap and it is also the easiest trap to set-up. Unfortunately, this will not be suitable for a large infestation. For a full-blown infestation you might want to purchase a larger live trap or use exclusion device. Exclusion funnels allow homeowners to remove the rats from their property and prevent them from returning.

Trap Covers

In case you are afraid that someone might accidentally step on the Texas trap that you prepared, then you will have to prepare a trap cover or trap station. This is also intended to protect your traps. This will allow the rats to conveniently enter and will contain the rats inside. This means that you don't have to deal with the mess that they may create. This equipment should be used if you are aware of the rat's trail but your circumstances prevent you from setting up the traps in the open.

Exclusion Tools

For those who prefer to use the exclusion method, there are equipments that you need to prepare. You will need copper wool, expanding foam, cleaning solvent, caulking gun, and your exclusion funnel. The other materials can be used to cover the holes and the cracks while the exclusion funnel should be used to get rid of the rats.

Before you start laying those traps, make sure that you are properly equipped with all these equipments to guarantee that your Carrollton rat infestation will be resolved.